About Gourmet House Belize

The inception of Gourmet House Belize stems from our desire to savor the foods that we were accustomed to relishing in Europe, but which were not easily accessible to us here. We longed for natural and delectable cheeses, scrumptious and crunchy bread, as well as a variety of healthy foods free from any artificial additives.

Crafting products from scratch, with complete awareness of the ingredients, is a source of immense gratification for us, and we felt compelled to extend this pleasure to you!

Two creative minds, Petra & Caroline, united by their love for food and pursuit of excellence, founded GOURMET HOUSE BELIZE.

What started as a casual gathering among friends, has now evolved into a culinary masterpiece. Their commitment to quality and passion for food is evident in every product that they offer.

With each wheel of cheese, freshly baked bread, and every new creation they put on the plate, Petra and Caroline infuse love and pleasure into it. They believe that success is not just about having bestselling products, but about creating a lasting impact on their customers and their community.

At GOURMET HOUSE BELIZE, they invite you to join them on their mission to fill every home with delicious, beautiful, and healthy food. From their kitchen to your table, savor the flavors of their culinary artistry and experience the joy of food made with love, in Belize.

man and woman smiling while laying on lawn field
man and woman smiling while laying on lawn field