... our cheeses are meticulously handcrafted in Belize, utilizing 100% fresh milk sourced from local farms.

In order to comply with international branding laws, while paying homage to the cheese's origin, we name each cheese after its original appellation followed by the term "style."

Our cheeses are made using authentic recipes and techniques, resulting in exceptional taste and quality that is indistinguishable from the original cheese.

Our goal is to provide you with delectable and nutritious cheeses that will enhance any meal.

fruits and cheese on wooden surface
fruits and cheese on wooden surface

At "La Fromagerie" ...

We would like to let you know that not all types of cheese are always available in our store. This is because each type of cheese requires a certain amount of time to ripen to reach its peak flavor and texture. Therefore, we only sell our cheeses when they have reached their full ripening stage, ensuring that you get the best possible experience when enjoying them.

We are proud to be artisans, making all of our cheeses by hand. This means that each wheel of cheese is unique and may have slight variations from one to the other. This is what makes the cheese-making process exciting and produces cheeses of exceptional quality.

Our approach to cheese production differs greatly from industrial productions, where mass production is often prioritized over quality. By making cheese by hand, we can pay attention to every detail, resulting in a cheese that is truly exceptional.

Thank you for your understanding and appreciation of our craft. We hope that you enjoy our cheeses and the love and care that goes into making them.

Availability of our different Cheese types